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Edibles, Sauces, Herb Butters, Salves, THC/ CBD oils,  Home Testing of Patient Grown Cannabis YES we can Test & perfectly prepare your Medical Marijuana

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ROLE with US

Oklahomans can now get their own medical marijuana. ROLE has been established to make the most out of your experience.

 After testing we can give you a complete cannabinoid profile. Exact potency, terpenes, and projected effects on pain, mood, and anxiety 


Ready to ROLE

Perfect "toasting" of bud will unleash the full potential of cannabis. Making it fully bio-available. You could try this on your own based off hear say & use home ovens instead of lab equipment. Good luck not scorching all your green then still wondering if it worked right. OR a few hours in our hands and your herb will be 10x stronger!


Ganja Gourmet

Prepared cannabis sets the stage for endless possibilities.  Once prep is done we could leave OR we could continue to prepare food items to completion. Starting with hummus or any number of dips, soups, salads, moving on to pastas, sauces, main dishes, then the world of edi'sserts


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Medical Marijuana Patients 

Cultivators/ Growers

Processors/ Manufacturing

Dispensaries/ Retailers

All benefit from our services

You can too!

Services Cost


  3 tests                             100

each additional test        65


ounces take 2 hours        50

    multiple at same time        45       

pounds take 5 hours         200

multiple lbs scheduled      180

         Out Call Visits

     deposit                  300 

 test visit & pick up       150

return visit & drop off     50

food prep visit                +50  

cook, setup & go                +100 

cook & full service              +200          


Butter Pads/ Tubs                10/ 60           

Hummus                      15     

Salad Dressing                   25            

   Sauces                          30        

Milk/ Dairy                       20         

Oils/ Ointments                  35/ 25          

Full Compliance 100% Legal

ROLE clean


Start pure finish pure. After making your cannabis chemically ready with precise heat & exact time. We prepare with natural oils, ghee, & farmed ingredients.  No propane, butane, or harmful compounds or solvents used at all.

Warnings & Safety


For accidental ingestion CALL 


During pregnancy women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products because of the risk of birth defects or while breastfeeding.

ROLE Responsibly


Medical marijuana is just that, a medicine that must be used in a responsible manner. Please do not operate machinery including cars or a zamboni. Start with lower doses and wait 45 minutes before next dose.

We ROLE for you

marijuana transport

Have ROLE transport your herb. By allowing us to take care and nurture your cannabis you get the best possible experience. We can transport, prepare, analyse, process, package, test, & cook up all amounts of your legal marijuana.

Home Visits


There are policies in place to protect our employees as well as our clients. Deposits ensure the legitimacy of appointments. You can drop off green and pick up your finished products. YES if you have a OMMA card we can process your legal herb into almost 


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R.O.L.E. is opening  

Cannabis Testing has begun! Cooks are Cookin!  Best Edibles ever coming to your local dispensary! 

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